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Soak Hole

Soak Holes

Soak holes or soak pits are a widely used rainwater management method in New Zealand and The Drain Company are specialists when it comes to maintaining or installing soak holes or soakage devices!

Soak Hole

What are soak holes and soak pits?

Council engineers devised a temporary solution to mitigate the impact of population growth and the collection of additional water from new roofs that would eventually discharge into the public system.

New builds and subdivisions are now included in the requirement and/or option to efficiently manage stormwater in a property by utilising retention tanks, detention tanks (which facilitate regulated overflow, allowing the public system to keep up with high demand), and soak holes. This approach enables the property to manage its stormwater as much as possible.

Get help with your soak pit

If you need your soak hole repaired, moved or removed speak to The Drain Company. We will be able to help you find a solution that suits your budget and site.

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