Vacuum Services

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Our sucker trucks can undertake a large variety of jobs. All our trucks come with a minimum of 60m of hose and we can access almost any site.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning

We effectively clean both modern and older style Septic tanks. We also have smaller sized trucks capable of accessing tight driveways.

Cesspit cleaning thumbnail

Cesspit Cleaning

We have powerful trucks that can remove silt and sediment build up from Cesspits. Contact us to add your property to our regular maintenance schedule.

Grease Trap Cleaning thumbnail

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps require regular cleaning. We clean out and safely dispose of grease from any sized internal or external grease trap.

Pump chamber vacuum services

Pump Chambers

We empty and maintain a variety of pump chambers in residential and commercial situations.

Hydro Excavation Auckland

Hydro Excavation

Our trucks and skilled operators are ideal for undertaking excavation works where the lighter touch is required.

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Sumps collect a variety of house hold and hazardous waste. The Drain Company can collect and dispose of this waste safely and responsibly.

Soak hole vacuum

Soak Holes

Soak holes require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent them from becoming silted up and blocked. The Drain Company can maintain, clean and install new Soak holes.

Detention and Retention Tanks

Detention / Retention Tanks

Often overlooked, Detention or retention tanks need to be maintained to avoid any unwanted blockages. We have the equipment to maintain, clean or install new Detention or retention tanks.

Concrete wash

Concrete Wash-Off

No one wants to deal with hardened concrete slurry in their drains. Avoid headaches (and large fines from Auckland Council). Contact The Drain Company to responsibly remove slurry wash off form your site.

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