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Flood Prevention


The Drain Company have the proven experience to safely and efficiently tackle any flooding issue.

We’ve undertaken literally thousands of flooding jobs over the years and have just about seen it all.

Our team of qualified, experienced tradesmen pride themselves on delivering reliable, cost effective flooding solutions.

Flood prevention solutions

Flood Prevention

Do you have damp walls? Do you experience water entering your home during wet weather?  In recent times, people have realised just how important proper flood prevention can be.

The Drain Company have years of experience designing and installing many different types of flood prevention solutions that protect your property and stand the test of time.

We are New Zealand qualified Drain layers so you can be confident that the job will be done right first time. We are also proud members of the Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers board.

We can help with any of the below:

  • Waterproofing
  • Soak hole cleaning and installation
  • Channel drain cleaning and installation
  • Subsoil drains
  • Sump and Cesspit cleaning and installation
  • Soakage trenches
  • Pump installation
  • Water diversion
  • Water tank installation
  • Downpipe connections
Flood response

Flood Response

The team at The Drain Company have years of experience in assisting with spill and flood response. We also specialise in flood restoration.

We can efficiently and safely deal with a variety of pollution discharges including environmentally hazardous substances.

We have the experience and equipment to tackle almost any job and will safely and responsibly dispose of any material.

Drainage under the soil

Subsoil Drainage

A subsoil drainage system is designed to eliminate excess water from the ground or soil surrounding a building. When it rains, some sections of land may become heavily saturated or flooded, which can be addressed by subsoil drainage. This system helps to move excess water and increase water flow so that surface water can drain properly. While most homes already have some form of drainage system, older homes may lack sufficient drainage due to damaged earthenware field tiles caused by age and years of ground movement. Additionally, homes constructed on uneven terrain with varying contours or levels may require supplementary subsoil drainage.

Why we use a subsoil drainage system?

Subsoil drainage serves several purposes, with some of the most common being: – Clearing or draining boggy lawns: This problem is often encountered in land sections prone to flooding or where natural drainage or run-off is insufficient. Subsoil drainage can help clear boggy lawns by moving excess water away from the surface and providing better drainage – preventing water damage to property. If you notice mould or discolouration around the base of your property or if there is stagnant water that isn’t draining away correctly, then subsoil drainage can help prevent water damage to your property.

The pros of a Subsoil Drain

Subsoil drainage serves multiple benefits such as;

  • Minimising structural damage to your property, enhancing ground stability, and reducing the likelihood of damage to your building foundations or pilling.
  • It also helps retaining walls and landscaping withstand the effects of weather and last longer.
  • Additionally, subsoil drainage greatly decreases excess water entering the landscape and/or building.
waterproofing to prevent flooding


Properties built pre-1980 on uneven contoured land, particularly those that have been cut or developed into the ground, can pose a significant drainage problem by creating a considerable difference in level from the outside of the property to the inside. Unfortunately, some of these properties don’t include any waterproofing or subsoil drainage system, which results in lower areas of the home becoming mouldy or even flooding.

Examples of these:

  • Basement areas used for storage
  • Basement areas used as living spaces
  • Houses built on wooden pilling with external block walls on the foundation
  • Entrance to houses that are below ground level
  • Long steep driveways that introduce surface water
  • Garage floors that are below driveway levels or external ground level.

The Drain Company has completed hundreds of Waterproofing jobs over the years. We have the equipment and the experience to tackle any sized project.

Contact us to arrange a site inspection.

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